This district, the northernmost of the city, is the only one with connection to the continental area. Its current population is approximately 1,5 million people.

The first European community at this location dates back to the times when the Dutch West India Company acquired the area in the year 1639.

That was the year when the Swedish immigrant Jonas Bronck, after whom the colony was named, established his first farm in the area.

At present, 51% of this district's inhabitants are Latino people, seconded by the African American ethnic community, which represents 33% of the population.

Bronx is home to the New York Yankees baseball team, while South Bronx is considered the birthplace of a variety of urban rhythms like Hip Hop and Rap.

Among the main performers, Big Pun,was the first Latin artist to reach a platinum record. This young man was born in a large Puerto Rican community in South Bronx on November 9th, 1971. He died on February 7th of the year 2000 due to a sudden heart attack, as he weighed over 300 kilos.

He shared stages and songs with "Fat Joe" and Jennifer Lopez as well.

Big Pun's main hits include, “I’m not a Player” y “It’s So Hard”.