Brooklyn stood as a fully independent city until the year 1898 when it was incorporated as one of the greater boroughs of New York City. At present, the area is home to a population of 2:600,000 inhabitants who represent the largest population among the five districts.

Brooklyn was named after the city of Breuckelen, in Holland, due to a similar feature found in both locations: a small swamp. The name was originally derived from a word in Dutch meaning small marshland.

At present, 41% of Brooklyn's population are whites, while 36% are African Americans and 20% are Latino people. They represent the three main ethnic groups of the city's giant district.

An outstanding area within Brooklyn is the Crown Heights neighborhood, which is home to the largest concentration of Hasidic Jews.

In Brooklyn emerged great personalities, sportsmen like Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson, artists like Woody Allen, Eddie Murphy, Barbra Streisand and politicians like Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.