The Queens district of New York is the country with the broadest range of ethnic groups in all of the US. Immigrants represent 69.9% of the area's whole population.

Over 50 different languages are spoken on the streets of the Queens district, Spanish being the most widely spoken.

Estimates indicate that, for the year 2010, most of Queens' population will be people born abroad.

Both airports of the city of New York -John F. Kennedy International and the domestic La Guardia airport- are located in Queens.

The district's name honors Consort Queen of England, Catherine of Braganza, who was married to King Charles II.

The current population of Queens is 2:300,000, with 30.7% American whites, 26.5% Hispanic, 21.,2% Asian, and 19.2% African Americans.

This famous district is also home to another professional baseball team: the New York Mets. The area includes a great tennis complex whose courts are home to the US Open tournaments at the Flushing Meadows